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Visitor Management

Simple check-in experience

​Smart visitor management

Visitor, staff and contractor management has never been easier. Cablecomm partners with companies like Loopsafe to give you the next generation of visitor management and staff sign in for aged care

Visitor management system that’s fast, accurate and ensures compliance

Designed for aged care

LoopKiosk is a smart staff sign-in and visitor management solution specifically designed for Australian aged care. This style of self-serve kiosk makes signing in a breeze for everyone, regardless of the purpose of your visit.

Multiple sign-in locations

Eliminate paper-based systems and reduce wait times with multiple self check-in points. LoopSafe’s fully adjustable desk or wall mounted kiosks can be placed anywhere – in your reception area for visitors and other convenient locations for staff sign-in.

Single sign-in solution
Use LoopKiosk for visitor self check-in and complete health and identity check, document validation, visitor limits and badge printing in one easy process. Streamline staff sign-in with customised workflows and instantly update your workforce and care management systems with the same data.
Visitor Management
Easy self check-in. Health and identity check, document validation, signed agreements and visitor badge printing all in one easy process.
Staff Sign-In
Consolidate everything and create one fast, single sign-in process for staff. Use face ID to automatically update timesheets, activate staff cards and be compliant.
Contractor Management
Use one sign-in system for everyone. Create a custom check-in process for contractors. Complete compliance checks and get contractors on-site quickly.