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The new Advance Care IP Nurse Call System now has an industry first, built in “Real Time Location Tracking” ability or RTLS as it is commonly known.

What is RTLS? – RTLS is the ability to track assets and people (Staff & Residents) within a healthcare facility. This is achieved by a combination of active tags and badges that are continuously transmitting their ID to strategically located receivers that are picking up these signals and passing them back to headend equipment for location processing.

The Advance Care™ RTLS is what’s known as a “dual technology” RTLS. This means that we use the advantages of two different technologies. Infrared to guarantee 100% room level accuracy and RF to cover areas where no Infrared infrastructure exists. The required RTLS infrastructure has now been built-in to all Advance Care IP nurse call equipment as standard. So RTLS infrastructure costs are effectively zero. RTLS embedded within the nurse call system allows for functionality not possible with 3rd party integrations. The software history logs will show unscheduled or informal visits as well as standard Presence and Cancellation of Calls. All these features are within a single easy to use software platform.