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Advance Care IP Nurse Call System

Trusted by Leading Aged Care Facilities in Australia

Advance Care IP Nurse Call System

The Advance Care IP nurse call system stands as the preferred choice for hundreds of aged care facilities across Australia, also in Canada, New Zealand and Singapore.

Specially designed to cater to the diverse needs of the Australian healthcare market, this cutting-edge system utilises the latest electronic and IP technologies to ensure unparalleled performance, reliability, and extended battery life.

Benefits of the Advance Care IP Nurse Call System

The Advance Care IP Nurse Call System offers a myriad of configuration options to suit any Acute Care, Aged Care or Clinical environment – Big or small, low care to high care and everything in between.
Comprehensive software
Utilising the latest in web based, zero install technologies. Providing complete reporting. mapping & integration capabilities all in one package – no 3rd party middleware required.
Remote administration
Inbuilt SIMP and Syslog clients allow your network Administrators to monitor the system in real time. Web based access allows for easy remote administration.
Structured cabling topography
Wired using application independent Cat5e/ Cat8 cable known as ‘Structured Cabling’ fitted with RJ45 connectors facilitating ease of maintenance.
Integration with IP phones

Effortless connectivity offering integration to Android, Aastra, KWS8000 and Spectralink, seeing calls and alerts received immediately over IP connectivity.

Extreme battery backup

8 hours plus battery backup due to an integral high powered ‘smart charger’, with a 100 Amp Hour battery capacity.

No loss of calls

The history of every single call placed is recorded; even during a blackout you can rest assured that call information will not be lost.

Low care to high care

Your care system grows with you; convert Low Care rooms to High Care with the effortless future addition of dementia care devices.

Dementia management

Intelligent sensor technology helping increase the quality of care for residents with dementia; promoting independence as a key objective.

Intelligent buttons

Provided as standard; a dual press function, pendant removal alert, auxiliary input, cleaning mode, backlighting and reassurance tones.

RTLS built in

‘Real-time’ location tracking allows you to find equipment and personnel without having to search the facility improving staff efficiency and reducing costs.

Wireless buttons & pendants

Wireless Call Buttons and Pendants can easily be added to the system providing freedom of movement and security for both residents and staff.

No ongoing licensing costs

Unlike some Nurse Call System providers, Advance Care does not charge an annual licence fee for software usage.

The professionalism of the team coupled with their reliability of products has been outstanding. Cablecomm truly are a trusted partner of ours and I highly recommend Cablecomm to any aged care operator who sees value in having trusted partners and reliable products for their nurse call system.

George Bryan
Development Manager – Odyssey