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IP Nursecall

The Advance Care IP nurse call system has been designed to meet the diverse needs of the Australian health care market place. Using the very latest in electronic and IP technologies this powerful system has been built for reliability and with the future in mind.

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Long Range Wireless Nurse Call

The Advance Care™ Long Range Wireless Nurse Call Solution represents a quantum leap forward in wireless systems by dramatically increasing both range and battery performance utilising latest technologies.

Whilst legacy wireless systems have suffered from questionable reliability due to poor battery life and communication failures, Advance Care™ have eliminated these factors producing a fully supervised, frequency agile solution.

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RTLS (Real Time Location Systems)

The new Advance Care IP Nurse Call System now has an industry first, built in “Real Time Location Tracking” ability or RTLS as it is commonly known.

What is RTLS? – RTLS is the ability to track assets and people (Staff & Residents) within a healthcare facility. This is achieved by a combination of active tags and badges that are continuously transmitting their ID to strategically located receivers that are picking up these signals and passing them back to headend equipment for location processing.

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