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IPCCTV Solutions

Advanced Surveillance and Security

Cablecomm understands how unique the aged care and health care sectors are especially when it comes to safety, security & compliance.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) has become an indispensable tool for detecting unauthorised movements and ensuring safety with reporting to ensure you have the data you need.

We understand the unique needs of the aged care sector and take IPCCTV to the next level by integrating it seamlessly with other systems, providing holistic monitoring and management for aged care facilities, hospitals, and many other establishments.

We can offer the following IPCCTV solutions

With Cablecomm, trust in our understanding of the aged care and health sectors combined with professionalism, efficiency, and commitment to safeguarding your premises.
Integrated systems

Integrate your CCTV with access control and intrusion systems for enhanced benefits. This logs CCTV footage with alarm and access events, aiding interrogation and meeting audit requirements.


Solutions which ensure your facility can grow and change are essential, we are experienced in upgrading and expansions and can provide solutions to ensure it will work seamlessly as your facility changes and grows.

Remote Access

In the world we live in, being able to access information and data remotely is critical, all of our IPCCTV systems allow you access to all the data and video footage you need no matter where you are in the world and what time it is!

IPCCTV stand-alone applications
License plate recognition

Enables touchless access to gates and vehicle control points while identifying visitors and blocking unwanted vehicles.


Ensures seamless access for authorized individuals and quickly identifies people who are flagged as unapproved or unwanted visitors

Trip wire

Alerts you when specific areas are accessed, such as driveways for courier drivers

Object removal

Notifies you when packages are delivered or taken from your front door

We partner with the best IPCCTV providers in Australia

John and his team at Cablecomm have been a partner with Lutheran Services for over 15 years. We have only strengthened our relationship over time as Cablecomm keeps evolving with our needs. We look forward to implementing their reliable solutions across our sites that are backed by great service!

Deepak Oberoi
General Manager ICT Support Centre – Lutheran Services