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Falls Prevention

Redefining Resident Care

Advance Care Active Room Monitoring

Revolutionise the level of care provided to residents with Advance Care Active Room Monitoring, surpassing the capabilities of traditional sensors like bed and floor mats.

Our fully integrated system centers around True Sense™, a cutting-edge 4Dplus radar sensor developed by Advance Care.

True Sense™ detects and reports various events within the room, including Presence, Falls, In and Out of Bed, Attempting to Leave the Bed, In Ensuite, Room Exit, and even identifying multiple people in the room.

With Advance Care’s nurse call software, you now have access to a comprehensive ‘Room Status’ display.

This intuitive feature allows staff to monitor the activities of every resident within the facility at a glance, while receiving alerts on their mobile devices if a resident’s activities deviate from their customizable profile.

Moreover, the True Sense™ system also offers the ability to control room and ensuite lighting. This feature provides directional guidance for individuals living with dementia, while simultaneously contributing to ongoing power savings.

By implementing Advance Care Active Room Monitoring, you empower your staff with real-time insights, enhance resident safety, and optimise the overall care experience.

Contact us today to learn more about how our advanced monitoring solution can transform your facility and prioritise the well-being of your residents.

We engaged Cablecomm to upgrade our old Nursecall system and security system. The upgrade process was quick, smooth and professional. We now have a very robust and advanced Nurse Call system that integrates with a high-end security system providing many added benefits. Cablecomm’s professional staff, high standards and innovation has made it very hard to look anywhere else.

Mark Arundel
CIO – Noosacare