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DECT/Paging systems enable direct, clear connection without compromising mobility, so communication flows effortlessly and patients receive the best care possible. Nurses can respond to critical issues as if they were at the bedside. The hospital atmosphere is more peaceful thanks to the elimination of overhead paging. Patients get immediate attention since messages are sent to the closest nurse. And safety is improved for patients and staff with automatic trigger alarms. All this and more from a wireless telephone solution.

Systems we interface to include:

Android Applications

  • Enable collaboration across healthcare teams
  • Support better outcomes and more timely access to care
  • Reduce unnecessary hospitalisations
  • Educate patients and healthcare providers independent of location
  • Enable faster onboarding of new healthcare professionals
  • Support better chronic disease management
  • Support prevention and wellness programs
  • Improve patient care by providing more convenient access to specialist expertise
  • Provide better utilisation of specialists
  • Survey, test, and confirm success of disease management programs
  • Enable easier access to success metrics for auditing and confirmation of success