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Wireless Pendant Kit

  • Soft touch operation
  • High visibility reassurance
  • Multiple alarm functionality
  • In-built backlight adjustability

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The Wireless Pendant Kit provides a Pendant that can be used all throughout the resident’s room and Ensuite. Once a resident has pressed their Wireless Pendant a call will activated and be seen on the Annunciators or DECT Phones or Pagers. This allows staff to quickly respond to the resident.

The Wireless Pendant is waterproof, so it can be used in the shower without it being damaged.

The Wireless Pendant kit is compatible with most Nurse Call Systems – The Advance Care System (GEN II) will only be able to use this device among other Nurse Call Systems.

This device can be easily moved to different rooms and be programmed easily.

A total of 4 x Pendants can be programmed onto this device.