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Wireless Long Range Pendant

Wireless Long Range Pendant

With an Advance Care Wireless Nurse Call System, you can be assured that your facility is safe and secure and that residents’ calls for help will not be missed.

The Wireless Call Pendant has been designed to complement any Advance Care Nurse Call System Installation and is ideally suited for active residents, who may be away from their room Nurse Call Buttons. If a resident is located in a common area or outside their room, they may easily call for assistance simply by pressing the large green ‘CALL’ button.

When a call is made, the Nurse Call alert is immediately displayed at the Nurse Station and sent to associated paging devices. The Wireless Call Pendant provides a reassurance LED, to indicate that the call has been successfully transmitted.

For the ultimate in safety, the Wireless Call Pendant comes standard with a lanyard, boasting a ‘snap point’ release. When undue stress is placed on the lanyard it immediately releases, protecting residents from neck or other injuries.

Advance Care Wireless Call Pendants are easy to install or enhance your existing Nurse Call System, with Wireless Receivers mounted anywhere throughout your facility. The flexibility and security of an Advance Care Wireless Call Pendant can help you run a better facility and improve the quality of life for your residents.

For added security each Call Button is fully supervised to ensure continuous operation and to monitor battery levels; should a Wireless Call Pendant fail to report in, an alert is immediately raised and dispatched to the appropriate maintenance staff.

  • Fully supervised
  • Ultra long range
  • Completely portable
  • Cancel pont on pendant
  • Snap Point Lanyar