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Wireless Chair Exit Mat

The Advance Care Real Time Location System (RTLS) Wireless Chair Exit Mat is a Wireless pressure activated pad that alerts staff when a resident leaves a chair. This device sits on chairs, or wheel chairs. It is most useful for residents who are at risk of falling out of seated positions, or those who require assistance exiting from the chair.

When positioned under the resident, the pad senses when the pressure is alleviated – indicating that the resident has left the chair or is attempting to move, Normal movement of the resident within the chair will not result in a “false” alarm situation.

For Further information on this item please download the full peripherals brochure

  • Wireless – No Cords
  • Battery life supervised
  • Pressure sensitive
  • Easy clean and water resistance
  • Suitable with any level of care
  • Reliable out of bed detector
  • Long Battery Life
  • Low cost