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Silicone Pendant – 3.5m

Silicone Pendant – 3.5m

The Advance Care Silicone Call Pendant has been ergonomically designed, ensuring the device is easy for residents to hold and activate. The Silicone Call Pendant also has a clip for easy attachment to resident’s bed or clothing to keep it within easy reach. Available in both standard and light switch models, the Advance Care Silicone Call Pendant comes equipped with a tough, fully moulded 6.35mm jack.

As the Silicone Call Pendant is plugged into the Nurse Call Button via the pendant socket on the front of the plate, the Call Pendant essentially acts as an extension of the Nurse Call Button, allowing for the easy access of a Call Point without having to strain reaching the wall. Although an extension of the Nurse Call Button, when activated, the Silicone Call Pendant has its own easily identifiable alert, such as ‘Pendant Room 1’.

When a call is made, a high visibility reassurance light illuminates the ‘CANCEL’ button on the Call Button plate and the Call Button may also ‘beep’ periodically (if activated), providing reassurance to the user. The Nurse Call alert is also immediately displayed at the Nurse Station and sent to associated paging devices.

The Silicone Call Pendant is constructed of high impact silicone and designed to withstand the stresses of being dropped on a regular basis. This product integrates with most Nurse Call Systems and is a valued addition to any Advance Care IP Nurse Call installation.

  • Durably fully moulded fittings
  • Integrates with most call systems
  • Bed Clip as standard
  • Cord length options