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RTLS Resident Watch (White)

RTLS Resident Watch (White)

RTLS (Real Time Location System) is the ability to track assets and people (staff & residents) within your healthcare facility. This is achieved via a combination of active tags and badges that are continuously monitored by the Advance Care IP system in real time.

The RTLS Wrist Pendant is comfortably worn on the resident’s wrist and is tracked within your facility with the option to be displayed on a GUI site map enabling staff to easily locate residents within the facility via a simple click of the mouse.

Nurse Call – The RTLS Wrist Pendant has a built in Nurse Call button enabling mobile residents to initiate a call for assistance identifying their precise location within the building. The wrist pendant displays a red LED reassurance light and a beep tone when activated and a green light if the resident chooses to cancel the call.

  • Easy to use software with GUI site maps
  • Easily track and locate residents within the facility
  • Comfortable, long-lasting wristband.
  • Built-in Nurse Call button to call for assistance.
    Reassurance LED light.
  • Simple operation.
  • Long battery life.