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Out of Bed Sensor Mat

  • Large Size
  • Pressure sensitive
  • Comfortable
  • Reliable out of bed detector
  • Integrates with dementia system
  • Water resistant

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The Advance Care Bed Mat is a pressure pad that alerts nursing staff when a resident leaves the bed. It is most useful for residents who are at risk of falling out of bed, or those who require assistance exiting from bed. When positioned under the resident, the pad senses when the pressure is alleviated, indicating that the resident has left the bed or is attempting to leave. Normal movement of the resident within the bed will not result in ‘false’ alarm situation.

Integrating with the dementia system, the Bed Mat may be configured to turn the lights on when the resident arises, a useful safety feature for those who are less mobile.

Featuring generous dimensions of 600mm x 400mm, the bed mat is one of the largest of its type. The malleable plastic surface of the pad ensures that it is water resistant and bleach-cleanable.

The Bed Exit Sensor is compatible with most popular brands of Nurse Call Systems.