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Air Bubble Pendant – 3.5m

Air Bubble Pendant – 3.5m

The Advance Care Air Bubble Pendant has been designed with the needs of “restricted movement” residents in mind –for example those with arthritis.

Only the slightest pressure is required from the resident to activate the device, thanks to the cleverly designed pneumatic activation.

Available with a 8 or 12 foot cable, the Air Bubble Pendant integrates with the majority of Nurse Call Systems, featuring a fully modified industry standard 6.35mm jack. The pendant itself is totally waterproof, completely safe in oxygen rich environments and is UL1069 listed. Each Air Bubble Pendant can be securely clipped to bedding or garments to ensure it stays within the resident’s reach.

  • Suitable for residents with restricted movement
  • Integrates with most nurse call systems
  • Soft pneumatic activation
  • Self configured alarm notification
  • Safe in oxygen rich environments