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Your complete turn-key solution for nurse call and associated communication systems, tailored for the Aged Care and Health sectors 

Trusted by health and aged care across Queensland

Delivering cutting edge technology solutions to provide exceptional safety, great communication and happiness for both staff and residents

The quality of day-to-day living in hospitals and aged care depends on effective, reliable nurse call, safety & communication technology.

The right systems not only enhance people’s lives, but could save lives. It’s our privilege to design and install the best systems, tailored to the specific needs of each of our partners in the health and aged care sectors.

The team at Cablecomm are always willing to work with us to truly enhance technology in our industry! This allows us to improve the lives of our residents and improve the efficiencies for our team to ensure they have more time to spend with residents. Most importantly they have technicians on the ground to support our workforce and are always willing to work on site to ensure we are using our technology effectively.

Melissa Argent
CEO – Rockpool

Queensland’s exclusive Advance Care specialists

Cablecomm has been the exclusive and trusted distributor of Advance Care nurse call systems in Queensland since 2012. The most powerful, reliable system available, designed with the future in mind. Consistent investment in research and development ensures the Advance Care system remains the best product available within the industry and we are extremely proud of this partnership.

From the installation to maintenance, we take care of the entire solution, combining world-class technology with local, personal service.

Partnering solely with aged care and hospitals

Cablecomm’s extensive experience within aged care and health facilities enable us to tailor our services directly to the unique needs of this specialised sector. With over 20 years of dedicated experience in this industry, we possess an in-depth understanding of the challenges and requirements

Servicing hospitals and aged care in Queensland and northern NSW

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